年金脱退一時金(Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments for non-Japanese people)について

公開日時 : 2020年07月27日

更新日時 : 2022年02月24日

日本に住んでいる20歳から59歳の人は公的年金こうてきねんきん(Japanese National Pension System)に加入し、支払わなければなりません。


そこで帰国した後に手続きをすれば、支払ったお金が戻ってくる制度があります。これが年金脱退一時金ねんきんだったいいちじきん」(Lump -sum withdrawal payment for non-Japanese people)です。

Important Points of the Japanese National Pension System and Other Public Pension Systems

(1) All people who are registered to reside in Japan and aged between 20 and 59, irrespective of their nationality, must be covered by the National Pension system by law and must pay contributions.
(2) The public pension systems (including the National Pension system) are designed to financially support each other as the whole society with intergenerational support mechanism.
(3) The public pension systems pay not only the old-age pension, but also the disability pension or the survivors’ pension when you have unexpected financial difficulties.
(4) The Japanese government provides subsidy to fund part of the pension benefits.
(5) Your public pension contributions are subject to tax deduction as “social insurance contribution”.

Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments for non-Japanese people

If you are non-Japanese, you may file a claim for the Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments within two years after you register to leave Japan (no longer Japanese resident). To apply for it you need to satisfy the following conditions;
– you have contributed to the National Pension system for at least six months in total (excluding your insured periods as the Category II or the Category III insured person),
– you have not satisfied the qualifying condition period for the Old-age Basic
The Payments amount depends on the number of your contribution-paid months. The table here shows example Payments amount in case your last contribution payment is made in Fiscal Year 2020.

* If you have contribution-exempt period, your total number of contribution-paid months is calculated as follows:
Number of full-contribution-paid months + (number of 1/4-contibution-paid months) x 1/4 + (number of half-contribution-paid
months) x 1/2 + (number of 3/4-contribution-paid months) x 3/4

How to claim the Payments

(1) When you register your local Municipal Office that you no longer reside in Japan, please also register your withdrawal from the National Pension system at the same time. The application form is available at any Municipal Office (National Pension section), any JPS Branch Office or website. (https://www.nenkin.go.jp/international/index.html )
(2) When you submit your application, please complete your application form carefully and send it together with supporting documents, by airmail to: Japan Pension Service, 3-5-24, Takaido-nishi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 168 8505 Japan
Please note that the coverage periods you used to receive your Payments will be no longer valid to be entitled to other Japanese pension benefits or totalization benefits under the relevant bilateral social security agreement.

Social Security Agreements

In order to eliminate dual compulsive coverage as well as to totalize qualifying periods for benefits between two countries, there are bilateral social security agreements between Japan and several countries. Please visit our website for more details.
( https://www.nenkin.go.jp/international/index.html )

(引用:日本年金機構「Japanese National Pension system


1 公的年金に入っていた期間の合計が6か月以上であること
2 年金を受け取る資格を満たしていないこと
3 障害年金しょうがいねんきんをもらったことがないこと
4 日本に住所がないこと





(引用:日本年金機構にほんねんきんきこう脱退一時金に関するお客様向け Q&A」)

1 年金脱退一時金ねんきんだったいいちじきんの請求書


2 年金手帳など基礎年金番号きそねんきんばんごうがかいてあるもの
3 パスポートの写し(氏名・生年月日・国籍・署名・在留資格の確認できるページ)

4 住民票のコピーやパスポートの日本を出た日にちが分かるページのコピーなど日本の住所がなくなったことがわかるもの
5 年金脱退一時金ねんきんだったいいちじきんを振り込んでもらう通帳のコピー(銀行などの名前、支店名、住所、口座番号が書いてあり、自分の口座だとわかるもの。)

(送り先:〒168-8505 東京都杉並区高井戸西 3 丁目 5 番 24 号日本年金機構 (外国業務グループ))