Residence Status Categories: “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities / International Services” ①

公開日時 : 2020年05月18日

更新日時 : 2022年02月24日

Residence Status Categories: “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services” (1)


Out of the 18 different categories for residence status in Japan, “Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services” is the most common and is the status that 329,034 foreign nationals are working under right now, accounting for 19.8% of all foreign workers in Japan. This is also the most common status to take among international students who have graduated from Japanese universities and vocational schools. The following is an explanation of the types of jobs you can do under this residence status.


① Technical Field

This refers to jobs related to science, engineering, etc. To give a few examples, this could include IT professions such as system engineers or software developers, architects for civil engineering or construction projects, developmental work for electrical manufacturers, mechanical engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, etc.

② Humanities

This refers to work where expertees in the humanities is required, such as law, economics, sociology, etc. This includes general business affairs, marketing, accounting, project management, production and quality control, etc.

③ International Services

“International Services” refers to jobs which demand a high level of knowledge and sensitivity of foreign cultures, such as translation, interpretation, foreign language teaching, overseas business, design, product development, etc.


In the following article, we will explain the necessary experience and qualifications needed to obtain this status of residence.

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