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English Teacher

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If you work as an ALT and build up your career, there is a possibility of advancement within the company or in other industries in Japan

About the Company

Corporate Profile

Company Name:Heart Corporation

2-6-10 Chuo Mito-shi, Ibaraki-ken, Japan

Employee:More than 650 ALTS

Business Details

ALT(Assistant Language Teacher)

Company Business English

English class at Heart (Group / Private)

Our job is to give the students a window into the world of English. Our number one goal is to help motivate the student to feel comfortable using real English communication and to get used to being in an English setting.
To accomplish this goal, you will work side by side with the Japanese teacher to help with games and activities, role-playing, and assisting the teacher with giving them the help they need to try to perfect their English curriculum.

Job Description


ALT(Assistant Language Teacher)

・ Assistant Language Teachers work as assistants to Japanese teachers of English in public elementary and junior high
・ More important, though, is internationalization, and so the job largely involves eating with kids, playing with them,
and generally socializing as a representative of your home culture.

Required Skills & Qualification

Have received an education conducted in English for at least 12 years

Be a native-level speaker of English

Teaching experience


Work Place

In Kanto area as well as in southern Tohoku, eastern Shizuoka, and Yamanashi.

Contract Type

1 Year Contract (April 2022 – March 2023)

Working Hour

Around 8 hours (depending on school), 1 hour break


Month Salary:18,0000 – 20,0000 Yen

Bonu, Salary Increase, Allowance


Salary Increase:None

Allowance:Transportation fee: up to 600 yen per day

Overtime Work



School holidays, national holidays, and weekends.
National holidays, paid Vacation.

Insurance & Welfare

Social Insurance

Selection Process

Joining Date:April in 2022

Recruitment Numbers:10

Job Screening:
Submit Resume
Online Interview (Zoom or Skype)
Job Offer

Job Info Number